Digital Railways

Fiber Optic Sensors used as a new digital train detection & traffic management system

Fiber Optic Sensors monitor and locate in real time interference on the railway network and provide a train tracking system.

Fosina has partnered with a global railway system integrator to provide an end-to-end solution using distributed fiber-optic sensors to detect hazards from foreign objects, to track and monitor trains and the environmental impact on the railway network. Thanks to our expertise in developing customized and leading fiber-optic sensing technologies, Fosina has developed the DxS, a world-class distributed sensor that is enabling the railway industry to monitor multiple events simultaneously. Compared to existing technologies in the market, DxS reaches a longer fiber range for each interrogator.

The environmental qualification and smaller footprint of the DxS allow our clients to deploy this technology globally, sustainably, and reliably.

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Use of fiber optic sensing as an alternative or complementary train localization system.

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Determination of the train length using distributed sensing.

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flat wheels

Use of fiber optic sensing to detect flat wheels and enable condition-based maintenance.

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animals intrusions

Detection of intrusions, such as animals or unauthorised people, using fiber optic sensing.


Connect one end of a fibre optic cable deployed along the railway to the Fosina DxS interrogation unit. Acquire data continuously to monitor in real-time, along the entire length of the fiber optic cable, various types of events simultaneously such as the location of trains, speed, length and detect hazards such as intrusion or anticipate maintenance issues such as flat wheels.

DAS railways train monitoring

benefit 1

Compensate sections where GPS reference measurement is lacking.

benefit 2

Real-time detection of train length for passenger information systems.

benefit 3

Real-time flat wheel detection using AI with better sensitivity than common WILD systems.

benefit 4

Reduction of incidents due to intrusion on the line.


solar pannel monitoring

Energy transition

We monitor and locate in real time the causes of production variations from renewable energies such as windfarms, geothermal and solar plants

digital railways
Digital Railways
We monitor and locate in real time interference on the railway network and provide a train tracking system

Dam monitoring
Structural Monitoring
We monitor in real time any geohazards or structural risks that can impact the health of the infrastructures such as bridges, landslides, tunnels, and dams
leak detection monitoring
Pipeline Monitoring
We combine our machine learning and fiber optic sensing expertise to monitor and locate in real-time leak detection, pig tracking, and perimeter intrusion
congestion monitoring
Sea & Terrestrial
We monitor and locate in real time sea and terrestrial activity nearby the fiber optic cable such as tidal motion, earthquake, tsunami, mammals, and vessels or vehicles​
Fence monitoring

Perimeter Monitoring

We detect, classify, and locate in real time third-party intrusions along a perimeter

DAS Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas
We monitor in both land and offshore operations, the entire life of a well from exploration to production including construction and stimulation thanks to fiber optic
Weight In Motion
We use fiber optic to monitor weight of vehicles and protect efficiently roads against overload while traffic is flowing