Sea and Terrestrial

Fiber optic used to monitor sea
and terrestrial activity and traffic

Monitor and locate in real-time the sea and terrestrial activity near the fiber optic cable such as tidal motion, earthquake, tsunami, mammals, and vessels or vehicles.

Fosina is using the existing subsea and terrestrial fiber optic cables along roads to convert them into real-time and distributed sensors up to 200 km in length.

On land, the solution is provided with a web-based application that can operate the interrogator remotely and generate notifications for congestion detection, traffic monitoring and average speed.  

In the marine environment, the world leading sensitivity of the interrogator enabled Fosina to monitor tidal motion, ship movement and earthquakes using already deployed subsea cables.

Thanks to our expertise in developing customized and leading fiber optic sensing technologies, Fosina developed a DxS that is enabling our clients to monitor multiple types of events using a single DxS interrogator connected to a single fiber end and at longer fiber range compared to existing, single-measurement technologies in the market.

The environmental qualification and smaller footprint of the DxS allow our clients to deploy this technology globally, sustainably, and reliably.

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Use of fiber optic for traffic monitoring (cars, boats).

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Tidal motion monitoring.

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Earthquake detection and assessment.

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Tsunami advance warning.


Connect one end of the deployed fiber optic cable to the Fosina DxS interrogation unit and acquire continuously to monitor in real-time along the entire length of the fiber optic cable, various type of passive and active sources including tidal motion, volcanoes, anchors, ships, and vessels or vehicles.

DAS oceanography monitoring

benefit 1

Single-ended and single interrogator to acquire and process acoustic, strain and temperature data.

benefit 2

Big-data processing on edge to mitigate any communication latency or corruption.

benefit 3

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence analytics with remote operability.

benefit 4

Web-based application for remote monitoring of assets.

benefit 5

Maintenance free and quick installation with no disruption.

benefit 6

IP65 enclosure to protect equipment in harsh environment.

benefit 7

24/7 real-time monitoring up to 200 km coverage.

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solar pannel monitoring

Energy transition

We monitor and locate in real time the causes of production variations from renewable energies such as windfarms, geothermal and solar plants

digital railways
Digital Railways
We monitor and locate in real time interference on the railway network and provide a train tracking system

Dam monitoring
Structural Monitoring
We monitor in real time any geohazards or structural risks that can impact the health of the infrastructures such as bridges, landslides, tunnels, and dams
leak detection monitoring
Pipeline Monitoring
We combine our machine learning and fiber optic sensing expertise to monitor and locate in real-time leak detection, pig tracking, and perimeter intrusion
congestion monitoring
Sea & Terrestrial
We monitor and locate in real time sea and terrestrial activity nearby the fiber optic cable such as tidal motion, earthquake, tsunami, mammals, and vessels or vehicles​
Fence monitoring

Perimeter Monitoring

We detect, classify, and locate in real time third-party intrusions along a perimeter

DAS Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas
We monitor in both land and offshore operations, the entire life of a well from exploration to production including construction and stimulation thanks to fiber optic
Weight In Motion
We use fiber optic to monitor weight of vehicles and protect efficiently roads against overload while traffic is flowing