Fiber optic sensors used for perimeter intrusion detection and location in real-time

Fiber optic sensors detect, classify, and locate in real time and simultaneously, multiple types of intrusions such as walking, digging or driving to provide a remote perimeter integrity surveillance solution

Nation states are faced with challenges to protect their borders and site managers to protect their assets from increasing intrusions. Following a need for a fast, accurate, reliable, and real time notification solution, Fosina developed a unique system that uses the fiber optic deployed on a fence, buried or hybrid to detect, locate and classify simultaneous intrusion that include someone climbing, walking, driving or digging nearby the asset.  

The adjustable detection sensitivity of the solution combined with our leading machine learning algorithms make it ideal for minimising nuisance alarms and keeping performance up to a distance of 200 km.

The installation is simple and low cost as no electronics are required anywhere along the fiber optic cable; this makes the setup solution immune to EMI, and other hazardous or inhospitable environmental conditions.

The solution is scalable thanks to its web-based application that can customize event recognition depending on zones configured remotely and can be easily integrated with other systems and sensors such as UAVs and CCTV cameras.

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Monitor third party intrusions where fiber is deployed on fence, buried or hybrid.

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Distinguish intrusions from benign local environmental disturbances.


Fosina's perimeter and border surveillance solution consists of connecting the Fosina DxS interrogation unit to the fiber deployed along the perimeter/border on a fence or burried and to acquire continuously to identify third party intrusions in real-time along the entire length of the asset and send notifications to the operator via its web-based application.

DAS Railways

benefit 1

Best in class event detection and classification thanks to proprietary machine learning algorithms with accurate location down to 1.5 m to monitor perimeter intrusion.

benefit 2

Longest range up to 100 km using a single end access of the fiber only with best sensitivity.

benefit 3

Provide early notifications of simultaneous intrusions thanks to 24/7 real-time monitoring and processing which reduce false alarms.

benefit 4

Remote monitoring and surveillance thanks to a web-based application that is compatible with other security technologies including UAVs and CCTVs.

benefit 5

Simplified installation and no operational maintenance of in-field equipment.

benefit 6

Easy to configure or integrate with existing systems and communicate with the SCADA system.

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