Fiber Optic Weight in Motion

Fiber optic used to monitor the weight of vehicles and to efficiently protect roads against overload

Fiber optic sensors are used to measure wheel and axle loads and to determine gross vehicle weights while traffic is flowing

Road damage and truck accidents are often caused by overloaded or incorrectly loaded trucks. Thanks to our expertise in developing customized and leading fiber optic sensing technologies, Fosina designed a fiber optic weight in motion solution to protect infrastructures and improve road safety.

Our fiber-optics based solution is designed to be robust and cost effective without the need to install the technology at a weighbridge where vehicles must be stationary.

Its performance is world-leading, including maximum load measurement of 18 metric ton per axle and accuracy of 5%.

The environmental qualification and smaller footprint of our FOWIM solution allow our client to deploy this technology globally, sustainably, and reliably.

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Use of fiber optic sensor to measure weight of vehicle axles while in motion.

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license plate recognition

Use of cameras for automatic license plate recognition.

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Ability to assess tyre pressure differentials on truck axles.


Connect the all-fiber based transducer that is installed on the road to the optical interrogator that monitors 24/7 the axle weight of each truck passing over the transducer and trigger an alarm to the centrally web-based application including the ALPR data.

FOWIM overloaded truck

benefit 1

Up to 150 locations centrally monitored in a secure office via a web-based application.

benefit 2

Maintenance free and quick installation with no electronics within transducer.

benefit 3

IP65 enclosure to protect equipment in harsh environment.

benefit 4

24/7 direct enforcement of overloading violations.

benefit 5

Reduced road damage to save public spending.

benefit 6

Improved traffic safety.

benefit 7

Vehicles are weighed accurately and reliably at all speeds.

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