Distributed Fiber optic sensor used to monitor the pipeline for leaks and third-party intrusions

Distributed Fiber optic sensors monitor and locate in real time temperature, strain and acoustic events, caused by leaks or third-party interference, to provide a remote pipeline integrity surveillance solution

The combination of our multiple measurements enables a finer quantitative leak detection by looking at the Joule-Thomson effect as well as the acoustic signature of the leak, therefore reducing the false-positive alarms. This solution allows the operator, with a single interrogator, to simultaneously detect leaks, to track pigs and alert them to integrity threats, thus significantly reducing the overall project cost and footprint.

Reaching up to 100 km from a single end of the fiber make this solution unique in the market and robust thanks to harsh environmental qualification tests that makes it deployable across the globe and reliable.

The solution is scalable and can cover all pipeline assets, from above ground to buried transcontinental transmission pipeline for all fluid types. The Artificial Intelligence used in the solution allows adjustable detection sensitivity along the asset adapting to the local environment and customized event recognition.

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Monitor accurately leaks along the pipeline.

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pig tracking

Monitor the progress of a pig along the pipe from its acoustic signature.

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third party interference (TPI)

Detect third party interference events such as walking, digging, driving near the asset.


Pipeline surveillance solution consists of connecting the FOSINA DxS interrogation unit to the fiber deployed along the pipeline and acquiring continuously to monitor in real-time along the entire length of the asset, leaks and third party intrusions, and send notifications to the operator via its web-based application.

DAS pipeline

benefit 1

Unique solution providing temperature, thermal gradient, strain and acoustic measurement from a single 2U optical interrogator.

benefit 2

Best in class event detection and classification thanks to proprietary machine learning algorithms with accurate location down to 1.5 m to monitor pipeline leak, stuck pig and TPI.

benefit 3

Longest range up to 100 km using a single end access to the fiber only.

benefit 4

Provide early notifications of simultaneous malicious damage thanks to 24/7 real-time monitoring and processing which reduce environmental impact, restoration cost, public trust and regulatory fines.

benefit 5

Remote monitoring and surveillance thanks to a web-based application that enables client additional asset analysis.

benefit 6

Simplified installation and no operational maintenance of in-field equipment.

benefit 7

Easy to configure or integrate with existing systems and interface to the SCADA system.

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