Oil and Gas

Fiber Optic Sensors used over the entire life of a field from exploration to production including construction, stimulation and well abandonment.

Fiber Optic acquires borehole seismic data as well as cement evaluation, perforation monitoring, injection flow profiling, microseismic, frac initiation, flowback, production and well integrity, leak detection

The Fosina DxS solution has been developed to allow O&G service companies and operators to acquire more accurate and complete information of the well during its entire life.

Thanks to our expertise in developing customized and leading fiber optic sensing technologies, Fosina has developed a DxS that is enabling the oil and gas industry to monitor a wide range of physical parameters in their wells using measurements from a single DxS interrogator connected to the fiber end, with leading performance. 

Monitoring temperature, strain, acoustic and thermal gradient is now possible using a single interrogator combining the best specifications of any single-measurand sensor in the market.

This allows, for example, the acquisition of leading quality borehole seismic data while monitoring any abnormal strain on the cable that could lead to stuck tools or cable failure. Avoiding remedial operations such as fishing thus allows for best operational efficiency. With suitable hybrid optical/electrical cables, ditributed optical sensing data is acquired concurrently with conventional well characterization runs, so avoiding any additional rig time specifically for the optical measurements.

The environmental qualification and smaller footprint of the DxS is allow the client to deploy this technology globally, sustainably, and reliably.

Our leading spatial resolution, fiber range and dynamic range enable access to deep offshore wells and monitoring accurately injection flow profiling and production.

Fosina developed a web-based application that allows any field user across the globe to operate remotely the interrogator and visualize the data in real-time thanks to edge processing.

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borehole seismic

Efficient acquisition of the entire borehole seismic profile in a single operation in land and marine environments.

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Well Construction

Monitoring of cement curing via thermal profiling.

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Monitoring of the injectivity profile by thermal and acoustic techniques.

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Inference of the inflow profile from distributed sensing data.

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Determining of annulus gas leaks and deformation due to formation compaction or expansion.

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well integrity

Detection of annulus gas leaks and deformation due to formation compaction or expansion.


Connect one end of the fibre optic deployed along the well to the Fosina DxS interrogation unit and acquire continuously to monitor in real-time along the entire length of the well various type of events simultaneously such as active or passive seismic sources, fluid flow, casing deformation, temperature change.

benefit 1

Unique solution providing temperature, thermal gradient, strain and acoustic measurement from a single 2U optical interrogator.

benefit 2

Accurate event location down to 1.5 m.

benefit 3

Longest range up to 100 km using a single end access of the fiber only for step-out well field development.

benefit 4

Remote monitoring and surveillance thanks to a web-based application that enable client additional asset analysis.

benefit 5

Simplified and robust installation with no operational maintenance of in-field equipment.

benefit 6

Versatile deployment: intervention-based deployment using wireline, slickline or coiled tubing or permanent installation on production tubing.

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