FOSINA to present and exhibit at the OTC 2022 in Houston on 2-5 May 2022

OTC conference

We will be presenting and exhibiting at the Offshore Technology Conference 2022 in Houston on 2–5 May 2022.

Visit us at the Choose France Pavillon to learn how our distributed sensing-based solution can support our customers in better monitoring their assets and reducing their carbon footprint.

You will discover the first multi-physics interrogator in the world that can provide temperature (DTS), strain (DSS) and acoustic (DAS) in a single interrogator.
This is strengthening:
– The interpretation of oil and gas applications over the entire life of the well wit minimal environmental impact
– Lowering down the space required and deployment cost with continuous or on-demand monitoring solution both offshore and on land

Alexis Constantinou, FOSINA’s CEO, is invited to participate to the “Round table 2: Offshore Wind: Projects and operations” organized by EVOLEN to explain how distributed fiber optic sensing technology helps monitoring the fatigue of dynamic cables in real time 24/7 for offshore floating wind 

“Offshore Wind: knowledge and experience in a fast-growing Market”

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